Corporate Social Responsibility in Islam

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As corporate social responsibility (CSR) becomes widespread practice around the world, there are many questions surrounding its implementation in Muslim-majority nations. How has CSR evolved in different Muslim-majority nations and throughout the world? How do Islamic banking and transactions play a role? Can CSR support employability efforts, entrepreneurship, and job creation? How can CSR activities create sustainability and value? To address these issues, the Hollings Center and Corporate Social Responsibility Association of Turkey convened a two day dialogue and one day public event entitled, “Corporate Social Responsibility in Islam.” Held in Istanbul, Turkey from November 14-18, 2014, the dialogue brought together business leaders, CSR practitioners, scholars, and journalists to discuss the growth and impact of CSR activities throughout Muslim-majority nations and to create a forum for the exchange of best practices. Over the course of the discussion, differing viewpoints and philosophies became readily apparent, resulting in further questions. The inquisitive nature of the discussion raised pointed but interesting contrasts. Read more about these conversations in our Dialogue Snapshot.

Watch video coverage of the public event by clicking here.


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